Pro-Enterprises is your complete outdoor service provider:

Pro-Cut Lawn Maintenance

Lawn and bed maintenance, mulch installation, seasonal cleanup, trim shape, and weed control.

Pro-Scapers Hard Scaping

Hardscaping services, incluing brick patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, and more.


Asphalt surface installation, including driveway construction and replacement, parking lots, overlays, gravel roads, and more.


Asphalt seal coating, patching and repairs, and pavement marking.

Mequon, Wisconsin



Our goal is to provide our customers with quality professional pest removal.¬†Wisconsin summers are short enough. Don’t let insects upset our few months of outdoor fun.

We don’t just rid properties of mosquitos. We also eliminate a wide variety of insects, including yellow jackets and wasps, ants, spiders, deer ticks, box elder bugs, and more.

Pro-Squito provides two methods of pest-removal: one-time applications and seasonal maintenance. One-time applications are perfect ways to prepare for upcoming outdoor events. To receive a free estimate or to schedule a visit from Pro-Squito, fill out our online form.

Contact us today to start the pest-removal process on your property.